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Animal Allies

Left to Right

Owen, Emmett, Andrew, Charlie.

Human / Animal Interaction: Zoo Penguins

Existing Challenges:
  • Penguins in captivity aren't as active as wild penguins.

  • Zoo penguins spend only 45 minutes a day (on average) in water, while most wild penguins spend 75% of their time in water.

  • "Bumble-Foot" disease affects a number of zoo penguins.

Our Solution: Enrich the Lives of Penguins at the Zoo! 
Here's How:
  1. Transformable Exhibit​

  2. Digital Habitat Simulations

  3. Let's Go Swimming!


Watch the video above for details about our solutions!

Special thanks to the          professionals, friends, and family who helped us with our project!

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